Reading with your child

8 - 11 years

Linked to KS2 Curriculum

  • Before reading, talk about the title and cover page with your child; make predictions of what this book may be about.
  • Encourage your child to focus more closely on the language that is used in the book they are reading. Children at this age may be reading more independently, so you could ask them to stop and talk about an interesting word while they are reading to you, or, if reading independently, to take note of words that interest them. At this age children can be quite proud and eager to increase their vocabulary, so encourage them to see reading as a way to do this.
  • Create exciting reading records. Instead of keeping a diary, your child could keep a scrapbook of favourite quotations, their own illustrations or printed off pictures and other items that may be associated with the books they have read. Or they could make posters, create key scenes out of Lego for example.
  • Consider using an audiobook as an alternative to screen time. This can be paired with other activities such as drawing or colouring, play-dough or Lego and can be a much more relaxing way to spend down-time than video games or television!
  • If your child has enjoyed a book, help them to find other books that may deal with similar themes and topics but are of a different genre or use a different structure. For example, if your child has enjoyed the Harry Potter Books, what other fiction books can you find about magic? What poetry collections? What non-fiction books?
  • If your child likes writing stories, encourage them to write ‘fan fiction’ about the characters in books they have enjoyed.
  • Encourage role-playing games that are linked to books they have read, with toys or other people.

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